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Tailored Solutions

Turn ideas into reality without writing a single line of code or setting up a database. Our team of business analysts handle every aspect from collecting data from your POS, CRM, or Enterprise System to delivering a BI application.

PowerBI Products

97% of Fortune 500 companies deploy PowerBI to grow & manage their business.

PowerBI Analysis

By coupling our experience and knowledge in the data analytics with your data, we can develop customized tools to help your organization achieve its critical goals.

Web Apps

SiteTech Systems builds easy to use intuitive web apps that allow users with no technical experience or knowledge to quickly analyze and interpret data.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Business Intelligence technology extends extends beyond the IT office beyond the office and allows organizations to make accurate, real-time business decisions and collaborate in both field and office environments. Let SiteTech Systems show you how to take advantage of this technology.

Operations Intelligence

At SiteTech Systems we leverage out analytical expertise to help incentivize, optimize and manage your organizations daily operations.

Database Development

We move data into the format needed to achieve your goals. Our development goes beyond simple conversion and includes a library of SQL based transformers so your data structure and content can be efficiently manipulated.

Business Intelligence Services Data Creation

At SiteTech Systems we can take your organization’s data and convert it to useful Operations information.


Large or small SiteTech Systems has a Business Intelligence tool that will fit your organization’s needs.

Quick Lube Intelligence

A Platform Developed with the Multi Unit Operator In Mind

Executive Overview

A top level view of your operations with emphasis placed on self identified KPI's.
- Examine Key Revenue Categories
- Review Your Mix of New vs Return Guests
- Contrast Promotion Use (& Abuse)
- Compare Across Every Store & Market Within Your Portfolio
- Compare Toward Budget
- Contrast Against Previous Years / Selected Periods
- Relate Labor, Sales, Guest Count & Numerous Measures Together

Bonus Creator

Automate your Bonus Program
- Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Service Advisor & More
- Easily Tack Bonus Progress Throughout the Pay Period
- Eliminate Manual Error
- Incentivize Service Advisors to PUSH for That Extra Sale

Store / Market Records

An ever evolving log book of records set by Store, Market or Service Advisor
- Customize The Record Keeping Time Period
- Push Managers by Quickly Highlighting & Rewarding New Records
- Customize Records Across KPI's, Revenue Categories & Other Measures

Ad Manager

Monitor the performance of your ads across various platforms & media types
- Directly Tie Promotion Events to Sales & Actual Conversions
- Monitor Social Media Ad Spend, Clicks, Impressions & More
- Aggregate Online Reputation & Reviews

KPI Grid & Charts

Drill into your top KPI's with custom charts, graphs & interactive visuals, all supplementing and easy to export summarization table
- Compare between Locations, Time Periods & Against Budget
- Examine Relation Ships between Various Measures

Coupon Manager

Understand the relationship between your promotions and your business goals
- Examine Detailed Statistics on Coupon Use & Abuse
- Graphically Examine Revenue / Customer Generation
- Further Tie Ad Campaigns to Business Results

Back Office

Custom reports for your Accounting, Payroll, HR & Controller Teams
- Payroll reports
- Overtime Analysis
- Means Of Payment
- Journal Entry Exports
- Petty Cash Analysis
- Easily Group/ Regroup as Your Organization Expands & Changes

Direct Database Access

Its your data, Access it! Open up direct SQL access for analysts within your organization or grant third party applications access. We securely store a version of your data and provide a secure, virtual pathway for connection.

Numerous Other Reports

Schedule a demo to learn about all of our intelligence tools within the QLI platform. Start with a base QLI program and continually add and expand your analytic capabilities with our custom report development.

We aren't Just a Software Provider, we're here to be you're Analytics Partner!
You're never more than one call away from our team of BI specialists, your own assigned Business Analyst and your own suite of custom training & development tools !

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